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Lamb Meatballs by tanjaan
Lamb meatballs; lamb goes with many spices, such as, rosemary, basil, parsley, ground red pepper, mint, etc. It depends on which flavor you want to prevail. There are many way to prepare lamb meatballs. To prepare the meatballs, you can either cook them or bake them. Here is one easy recipe. Lamb Meatballs Ingredients Required 500 g minced lamb, small onion, 2 tablespoons of white wine, ...

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Hi Tanjaan :) I can picture the pasta dish with lots of white sauce and of course lots of grated cheese.:woohoo:
by Marra M - 1 day ago
Your welcome Tanjaan :) Actually, Filipinos are best known for their ADOBO, its a meat dish cooked in soy sauce but I prefer mine with a little vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. ...
by Marra M - 1 day ago
You can, just add more water and let it boil again. If there’s, sugar crystals appears on the surface This means that the jam is not acidic enough, a cause can be many: - You put too much ...
by tanjaan - 1 day ago
Hi Ihsan Soayed :) Didn't know that tupper ware can be use with turbo convection oven. As long as its not direct fire. Thanks for sharing this info.:thumb-up: Best regards!
by Marra M - 2 days ago
Hi Jade ;) Glad to know we have something in common:thumb-up: That has given me an idea to involve the parents in the activities again. @Tanjaan, Hope to see more of postings like ...
by Marra M - 2 days ago
Duck meat; belong to one of the most calorie meat from poultry meat, if it is prepared, together with the skin. The usual way of preparation is by baking. This is highly prized meat ...
by tanjaan - 3 days ago
We are laughing - make me laugh just reading the thread
by La Prune - 1 week ago
Hello there :) Sorry have not run across the standard crepe recipe from Popeil Cookbook although a lot of these are turning up on eBay. I was able to run across this crepe recipe posted ...
by Marra M - 1 week ago
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