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Cooked white cabbage known as “Sweet cabbage” by tanjaan
Preferably, the cabbage should be on the menu for children,and adults, every day of a year, preferably in the fresh form as salad, hygienically prepared (every leaf carefully washed) or in a cooked form. Whether it is cooked or fresh, cabbage has healing ingredients and is also rich with fiber, which improves digestion. Cabbage is also beneficial for wound healing and it helps with ...

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Hello everyone,I'm thrilled to let you know we have completed the mobile support for the current version as well as a major revamp to the UI (graphics) of the entire site.What we haveAs a ...
by admin - 33 minutes ago
Of course in the fridge, otherwise it may develop bacteria such as staphylococci and can cause food poisoning.
by tanjaan - 9 hours ago
There is no exact proportions in ratio between rosemary, sage, thyme, parsley or any other spice. It is a matter of personal taste. It is best to mix all these spices with oil and fill over ...
by tanjaan - 9 hours ago
how long can potato pies keep on the counter? I cooked them today, how long can they stay on the counter?
by Guest - 19 hours ago
It depends how it was stored. If it was stored properly in a cool ad dark place it should be a very good wine.
by jade - 1 day ago
You can try to find much smaller/younger chicken that will fit in. Another option can be pigeon which is small and tasty.
by jade - 3 days ago
I believe that usually happens when the hole where the gas comes out is blocked. It can be cleared carefully with a pin or a toothpick.
by jade - 1 week ago
Hey, there would anyone be interested to work in Pakistan for a french bakery as a head French chef in the capital city ?
by Ms Sania - 1 week ago
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