Peanut Butter And Cabbage Sandwich?

peanut butter and cabbage salad

part of what is so nice about being a foodie, or just being someone who looks at food as a creative outlet is the license we give ourselves to experiment.

I don’t often invite guests over for dinner, because experimenting on my family is one thing - if its great everyone is happy and if it doesn’t work - well, there is always cabbage salad or fried eggs that can be fallen back onto.
This experimentation has lead me to many things that are quite wonderful (even though some of them were only new to me, and well known in the culinary world) for example - scrambled eggs served with slices of white peaches, or fresh dates stuffed with goat cheese served with Merlot, or the classic pear and Bree combination.

No less wonderful is peanut butter and banana sandwiches, or rice with pomegranate seeds, and salad with orange slices.
Rulman has outdone and outshone any of my experiments with interesting combinations and apparently has been eating a cabbage and peanut butter sandwich as lunch for years! I would never have thought of that in a thousand years, and will make a point of getting some peanut butter just so that I can give it a go.

Although it sounds weird the slight tanginess of cabbage might actually go well with the warm thickness of peanut butter.
Do you have any combinations to beat this one?

photo credit creative commons license BradLauster

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