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The Prettiest Mid-Sized Range In The World
I just love my 5-burner La CornuFe range by Purcell Murray. The original mammoth La Cornue cookers may be viewed and even sometimes used for cooking demonstrations at most William Sonoma ...
by tundranut
French Cooking Lessons Online
I have decided to share some of my training and skills with you that I learned while attending the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School. Each week we will feature a lesson and assignment. All you have to ...
by The Salty Chef
What should you do if your food smells like detergent or mildew?
If your food smells like detergent or mildew, throw it away. A detergent smell can indicate mildew contamination. Any food contaminated with mildew, which is a type of mold, means that it is full ...
by tanjaan
How long can you refrigerate or freeze different foods?
How long can you store cooked food in the refrigerator? Remains of food are not advisable to keep in the refrigerator for more than three or four days. Specifically, bacteria can successfully ...
by tanjaan
French Toast variations from around the world
In European countries, French toast is typically made from stale bread, egg, milk and salt. Depending on the flavor, it can be served sweet, with sugar or jam or savory, cheese, sour cream... The ...
by tanjaan
French Cooking Lessons 2
Now that you have competed lesson 1, it is time to get cooking! This week we are going to talk about soups. By now, if you followed lesson 1, and made your basic white stock, then this next section ...
by The Salty Chef
Homemade rhubarb pie
What can you use rhubarbs for? People generally use rhubarbs when preparing salads, soups and pies. However, rhubarb pie seems to be the most popular way to eat rhubarbs! Here's an easy Rhubarb ...
by Lloyd
Slow Cooker Recipes
Crockpot Cooking for Kids @ The Millbrae Library
There are actually a lot of meals that you can cook using your slow cooker. 1. If you love Southern Food, then there are appetizers that you can cook like Apple Sausage with Onion and Mustard, ...
by Marra M
How to use an electronic pilot lighter
Most modern gas range uses an electronic pilot ignitor to start the pilot. Usually one pilot light serves all of the top burners, but in some cases there are two pilots lights that are located ...
by Marra M
How To Prepare Fiddleheads
vermont 2013 #
Fiddleheads are neat. The name comes from the coiled form of the plant, which looks like the head of a fiddle or violin. Fiddleheads are rich with vitamins A, C and they have calcium, iron and ...
by Marra M
This simple combination of potatoes, onions, and milk makes a deliciously creamy, chilled soup. * T butter * 3 c onion, chopped * 1 t salt * 4 medium potatoes, peeled and diced * 4 c water * 2 c ...
by The Salty Chef
What Are French Lentils?
Bij Rotisserie Rijsel
French Lentils or Lentilles du Puy French Lentils are also known as Lentilles du Puy because they were originally grown in Puy, in Southwest France. Nutrition-wise, French lentils are high in ...
by Marra M
Top Rated Dual Fuel Ranges
Lowes Lomo Wide Angle series
Taking only the five star reviews, I have narrowed down the list of 40" dual ranges to the top four. Frigidaire Professional: This is a good stove, but you need to follow the instructional ...
by Marra M
What is kale and what can I make with it?
Not sure what kale is or how it can be used? Kale is a cheap and tasty (few may disagree at first) source of vitamins particularly A, C and D, and also calcium and fiber. It is available year ...
by Asif Nadeem
Smoking can be good
Smoked slamon quiche
Smoking is bad for your health, that is what everybody tells us. But that is different for smoking meat, fish, vegetables and cheese. The smoking makes it even more delicious. Since I bought my own ...
by Worldcook
Cooking roast beef in the microwave
Perfect Prime Rib
With the right cooking utensils, you can cook a delicious beef dish. We all hear about how dangerous it is to use plastic materials in the microwave, but there is no potential danger when you ...
by Marra M
How to make pita bread
Pita bread can be filled, with anything you want, from a variety of salads, salami, even your own homemade creams such as cream cheese and tahini or humus, or you can fill it with meat that is ...
by tanjaan
Cheese and Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Are you tired of the same, plain old mashed potatoes? Looking for a way to add some flavor to your mash? Try this recipe! "Cheese 'n Garlic Mashed Potatoes" Ingredients: 3 lbs Red Bliss ...
by Lloyd
Lamb Meatballs
Lamb meatballs; lamb goes with many spices, such as, rosemary, basil, parsley, ground red pepper, mint, etc. It depends on which flavor you want to prevail. There are many way to prepare lamb ...
by tanjaan
How to Remove Discoloration From Le Creuset Pot
On the official site for Le Creuset, I found that discolorations can be treated by filling up the pot with 1 part enzyme laundry detergent and 3 parts water. Boil this for 10 minutes and discard ...
by Marra M
Cooked white cabbage known as “Sweet cabbage”
IMG_0000 (1).jpg
Preferably, the cabbage should be on the menu for children,and adults, every day of a year, preferably in the fresh form as salad, hygienically prepared (every leaf carefully washed) or in a ...
by tanjaan
Lentils 101
photo via Wikimedia Commons Lentils from around the world: Brown Lentils. These are the most commonly available lentils and they are often used for lentil soup. The flavor of Brown lentils is ...
by Asif Nadeem
How to get the garlic or onion smell off of your hands
When cooking with fresh garlic, onions, shallots, etc. you will probably find that long after they've been chopped and cooked, the smell will continue to cling to your fingers and hands. While the ...
by Lloyd
Homemade apple sauce
Here is my recipe for a homemade apple sauce which is easy to prepare and compliments many different dishes. Ingredients 1 kg apple 2 dl of water Juice of half a lemon Stick vanilla ...
by tanjaan
Barbecuing vegetables
cant beat eggplant on the grill
All those surprised to be reading about a vegetarian BBQ, here is a simple guide for grilling vegetables so that they develop a rich and pleasant taste that might even appeal to the kids: 1. ...
by Asif Nadeem
The prince and the elderberry
Elderberry jelly
When I was a little girl, in my dreams I was always on holiday and cooking and practicing combinations thereof. (At a later stage, a handsome prince would also have a role in these dreams.). In ...
by Worldcook
Old fashioned bread pudding
late night baking [H20/365]
Ingredients: 2 cups milk 1/4 cup butter or margarine 2 eggs, slightly beaten 1/2 cup sugar 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon or nutmeg 1/4 teaspoon salt 6 cups soft bread cubes (about 6 slices ...
by hollysurly
Stir Fry Brussel Sprouts With Garlic
brussel sprouts
I am always surprised when I find out so many people have a deep dislike for vegetables like broccoli and Brussel sprouts. Both of them are delicious in my eyes (or mouth) and I can't remember ...
by Ruth
Chicken and Chorizo Paella
Have you been avoiding cooking paella because you don't like seafood or you think it's too difficult to prepare paella? I personally think that cooking a Paella isn't that hard. It is something ...
by Lloyd
Zucchini and ham quiche
Looking for new ways to use zucchini (known as courgettes in some countries)? I'm not sure if you already know this Zucchini Quiche recipe, I just think it's a delicious recipe that you should ...
by Lloyd
Broccoli Cheddar Soup
Looking for a new way to prepare broccoli? Forget making another quiche, here's an easy-to-prepare and very delicious recipe that you could try: "Classic Broccoli Cheddar Soup" Ingredients: - 6 ...
by Lloyd
Creamy Vodka Chicken & Penne Recipe
Do you have a jar of vodka pasta sauce that you're not sure why you bought or how to use it? Well, don't worry! Here's an easy to prepare pasta recipe where you can use your jar of vodka sauce. ...
by Lloyd
How to Buy a Lobster?
Want a tasty lobster meal? Well, here is a little guideline on choosing the best lobster because the better you pick from the market, the better it will taste, not to mention the greater their ...
by Asif Nadeem
The Italian king and Italian food
Veal bocconcini
The 2nd of June is "Festa della Reppublica" in Italy, a public holiday. On the 2nd of June 1946, the Italian people had to choose the successor to the fascist leaders. With a small majority, they ...
by Worldcook
What is black garlic and what is it used for?
Here is some information on what black garlic is, how is it made, how it tastes, and what it looks like. An Introduction to Black Garlic Black garlic is produced by the fermentation of ordinary ...
by Asif Nadeem
How to make homemade tomato sauce
boiling garlic-basil tomato sauce
If you get a bumper crop of tomatoes, or the prices of fresh tomatoes suddenly drops to an all time low, you can use this surplus of tomatoes to make tomato sauce on your own and enjoy the flavor ...
by Asif Nadeem
The Dutch make minced beef out of you
Spanish lard
There is an expression in Dutch, which says: "I will make minced beef out of you". This means, that they threaten to tear you to pieces, even though not literally, perhaps. In October 1573, various ...
by Worldcook
Indoor grilling
We've seen professionals grilling inside, but can it be done at home? Of course! Indoor grilling/barbecues can be fun if done right, but it can also be dangerous if done wrong. Important Note: ...
by Lloyd
Using a slow cooker or crock pot
Soups on!
For all our readers, here is an introduction to the Slow Cooker. Background The first slow cooker was developed by Nixon in 1970. In 1971, the company was taken over by Rival that renamed the ...
by Asif Nadeem
Pizza with pear and gorgonzola
Smoke ovens come in different sizes. The biggest ones are the size of two oil drums on top of each other, and are used to smoke eel. In order to smoke food items for a family or small group of ...
by Worldcook

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