What Is Black Garlic And What Is It Used For?

Here is some information on what black garlic is, how is it made, how it tastes, and what it looks like.

An Introduction to Black Garlic

Black garlic is produced by the fermentation of ordinary garlic. Just the way a wine improves with age, the health and nutritional aspects of ordinary garlic improve with fermentation.

Production of Black Garlic

Usually the ordinary garlic is placed in a temperature and humidity controlled environment for about three weeks. Then it is cooled and dried for a week before the final product is marketed.


Black garlic totally differs from ordinary garlic. It’s as though some “Black Magic” has transformed the garlic’s annoying properties. It no longer has a pungent smell, or causes foul breath or leaves an acidic taste. Rather, black garlic tastes sweet with a slight hint of garlic taste. Its appearance is soft and jellylike akin to some dried fruits.

Health Benefits

Black Garlic was considered a secret of long life/immortality in Tao mythology. Though that is not true, black garlic does have a number of health benefits as it has double the amount of antioxidants as raw garlic Black garlic also contains S-Allycysteine which is used for cancer prevention. Black Garlic is also being used in the health drinks.

Now that you know a little bit more about black garlic, use your imagination to think of the dishes that it might improve!

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