Guide On Cutting Concrete With Diamond Blades

When you doing your home improvement or any construction project, there are some parts that you will require to cut from your concrete. In case your concrete is underwater and you have the skills in concrete cutting, there are some methods that you should apply such as diamond concrete cutting. It is the method that pertains to the process of concrete cutting using diamond blades. The blades are trusted because they are made of diamond pieces that are very strong, durable, and capable to cut through the concrete smoothly.

If it is your first time performing the process in your home or construction, the following are the guidelines you should follow to complete the process safely.

You should first identify the concrete you want to be cut. Different types of concrete need different types of blades to cut through. For example, the reinforced concrete which is made of steel bars is cut using special blades designed for them. Another case is the concrete that is made up of quartz and basalts which have hard aggregates. These aggregates incline to dull the diamond blade quicker and due to this, you should use the blade with a softer bond to allow the diamonds to be exposed more easily.

Always choose the most appropriate diamond blades when cutting the concrete underwater. You can opt to use the blades which are made up of silver brazed diamond. Also, you can use blades with laser welded diamond as they do offer high-performance and firm laser weld. In addition, you should examine the concrete saw horsepower before you begin your concrete cutting process because it determines your blade selection. Finally, contemplate the blade’s diameters the concrete saw can perfectly accommodate. The size of the saw’s arbor should match the hole of the diamond blade. Always take all the precautions required during concrete cutting to avoid injuring yourself.

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